ワシントン大学とのCOIL(オンライン国際協働学習)「『鬼滅の刃』について語り合おう!」 を開催しました


ワシントン大学とのCOIL(オンライン国際協働学習)「『鬼滅の刃』について語り合おう!」 を開催しました


 ワシントン大学のTed Mack先生が日本語と英語を使い分けながら,授業をうまく進めてくださったおかげで,話題も多岐にわたっておりました。例えば,時代設定が関東大震災の前になっていることで生まれる効果や,ジェンダー規範の問題がいかに捻れているのか,登場人物の身体をめぐるクイア的な分析,鬼とアイデンティティの問題についてなど,文化批評的な側面からの議論が多く見られました。
 学生やサポートに入った教員たちがチャット機能を使いながら補足説明をしたり,Ted 先生が適宜に通訳をしながら分かりやすく言い直してくださったのも議論を展開する上で大きな力になりました。




I enjoyed this event and would love to attend more like it. These are great opportunities to practice Japanese, and as someone who learned spoken Japanese primarily online with friends, I think that incorporating these online discussions into a course or club would be of great help to those who are serious about improving their Japanese language skills.

I think it would have been nice if everyone had at least finished the Anime, but I recognize this is up to the individual. There were some questions that were asked regarding the characters that have already been answered in the manga, and without that information available to some people, it felt like some of the topics being brought up (such as the ‘dance’ that Tanjiro’s father passed down to him) were being overthought/overcomplicated. I was trying to be very careful and avoid spoiling anything, but there were a few points that were brought up that could have been answered and made a potential discussion regarding the reasoning for certain plot points/design choices more productive. I think we have to find a balance in terms of the material so that everyone is on the same page, and that we are all far enough in the story that we can focus on the important parts rather than speculating about things that turn out to have very clear answers. I recognize this makes it a larger time investment for everyone, but I think we could then have multiple meetings and discussions as well.

文責:高 榮蘭(国文学科 教授)