Graduate School of Integrated Basic Sciences, Nihon University

Graduate School of Integrated Basic Sciences

The Graduate School of Integrated Basic Sciences, Nihon University, aims at making a continuous contribution to the advance of science and technology, with an eye to producing harmony between the Nature and Human Beings, thus making the earth a better place to live on.

The School has two departments.

  • Earth Information Mathematical Sciences
    Correlative Study in Physics and Chemistry

The unique feature of the School is that these two departments are closely linked in research, and take multidisciplinary approach to a wide range of scientific and technological problems.

Our curriculum is designed to send the students out into life as engineers, scientists and educators who:

  • have a deep knowledge and a keen insight to their specialized area of research,
  • can efficiently apply their specialty to related fields,
  • have a clear understanding on the course of the society and the industry and adjust their ability accordingly,
  • can open a new vista of science and technology, and
  • can face and tackle challenging problems in science and technology.

We are sure that our students will positively set their own goals and acquire to find creative solutions in any circumstances.