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Department of Sociology

Department of Sociology
In the Department of Sociology, our aim is to cultivate knowledgeable personnel who, through utilizing of the theory of sociology, will be able to examine and analyze real society, formulate plans and reach solutions.
This department was established in 1920, the first department of sociology in private universities in Japan. In 2000 the “Social Welfare course” was established in this department as well as in the Departments of Psychology, Education and Physical Education, so that students aiming to pursue a career as a social worker may study for the National Social Worker Certification Examination. Then in 2004, the “Social Researcher course” for students seeking a specialist career in social research was launched, and enriches its curriculum. From 2010, our department launched an advanced curriculum.

1.Education and Research

Since its establishment in 1920 our department has maintained an academic culture in which equal emphasis is placed on theory, actual evidence and practice. Through this tradition, we strive to foster students who can apply sociology towards real issues or challenges, and apply their ability in this field to lead to solutions. In concrete, 1) To gain a deep understanding of the theory of sociology, its doctrine and methodology. 2) To foster the development of sociological thinking and capacity for imagination. 3) To increase ability to conduct social research, analysis and observation with precision. 4) To develop the ability of project planning and problem-solving..

In today’s society, relationships between people and people, people and society and between different societies are becoming more diverse and complicated. In the Department of Sociology, the goal is to develop human resources with flexible ability to think, and sensibility.

Ultimately, our aim is to cultivate personnel who will be equipped with a good understanding of fundamental sociological theory, attain effective research methods for conducting surveys and analysis, and apply this knowledge in the formulation of plans.

2.Admission policy

Based on the admission policy of the College of Humanities and Sciences, the Department of Sociology admits students as follows.
-Students wishing to gain deep knowledge of the theory and methodology of sociology, to attain the skills required to conduct social research, analysis and observation with precision.
-Students wishing to contribute to our society by applying these skills in finding solutions for the diverse problems and tasks we face today.