Department of Social Welfare

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Department of Social Welfare

Department of Social Welfare
Study welfare and create a better future.Social welfare studies support the foundation of a happy society.
Social welfare studies support the building of a more people-friendly living environment for people with disabilities and people who face all kinds of difficulties in their everyday lives. Counseling and support in this area demand a well-rounded education and specialized knowledge, rich humanity and a multilateral perspective, since people’s lifestyles varied. The Department of Social Welfare has been newly established based on the track record of the Social Welfare Course which has turned out many qualified social workers in the 10 years since it started.
(“Department of Social Welfare” will be established in 2013.)

1.Education and Research

There is a growing need for social welfare, and the cultivation of welfare professionals is becoming extremely important. The Department of Social Welfare will increase its efforts to train social workers, and in addition, it aims to cultivate professionals with a strong welfare spirit (ethical viewpoint and welfare principles), practical welfare skills and welfare management capacity. Students study a wide range of fields systematically, including practical education centered on specialized social welfare subjects and work practice. In addition, students are supported by the comprehensive curriculum that includes volunteer activities in collaboration with the local community and support for students’ contribution to society

2.Admission Policy

Based on the admission policy of the College of Humanities and Sciences, the Department of Social Welfare admits highly motivated students who aspire to acquire the knowledge, practical skills and welfare spirit required of welfare professionals, to develop initiative and the power of creative thinking, and to contribute to the welfare society.