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Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology
With its long history, the Department of Psychology covers the whole spectrum of psychology from basics to applications, opening the door to a scientific understanding of humans that will be useful in society.
Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behavior. It is a truly diverse field from basics to applications. Students in the Department of Psychology of Nihon University, one of the oldest private psychology departments in Japan, study the latest findings in virtually every domain of psychology, including clinical psychology, social psychology, environmental psychology, psychophysiology, aging psychology and cognitive psychology. In addition, the two-course system in clinical psychology and behavioral science from the third year further enhances students’ specialist studies.

1.Education and Research

The department cultivates human resources capable of contributing to society by equipping them with psychological knowledge and methodologies to scientifically understand the “human mind and behavior” and the ability to apply them themselves.

Priority is given to studying the basic domain of psychology. It is structurally taught so that students acquire basic knowledge, methodologies and ways of thinking of psychology before systematically studying application areas. The department provides the necessary educational environment for cultivating human resources capable of independent study. To uphold this educational principle, practical exercise-based lessons for experience-oriented learning in small-size classes are implemented alongside lecture-type classes. In the first and second years, students study the basics of psychology and methodologies and acquire knowledge in all aspects of psychology. In the third year, students decide their main field of interest and focus in depth on a specific area of psychology. In the fourth year, as well as aiming to further enhance their expertise by joining a seminar group, students decide their research topic and engage in empirical psychological research.

2.Admission Policy

Based on the admission policy of the College of Humanities and Sciences, the Department of Psychology admits students who aspire to make a contribution in the real world by acquiring basic knowledge and methodologies to scientifically understand the “human mind” and developing the ability to apply them and put them to practical use themselves.