Department of Physical Education

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Department of Physical Education

Department of Physical Education
Fostering experts with scientific knowledge and skills in sport and health.
Expert teaching is provided by faculty members well-versed in all aspects of theory and practical training pertaining to training, coaching, sports management, and injury prevention and treatment, as well as various basic theories related to teaching and community sports instructor certification. In addition, students are given opportunities to learn how to plan and run events in the course of their professional training in physical education and sports that will help them develop the skills needed to plan, organize, and run a variety of actual events after graduation.

1.Education and Research

While making the best of latest findings regarding physical education, sports and health, the department fosters energetic experts with practical athletic skills, a high level of scientific expertise as well as in-depth general education and humanity.

To meet the needs of students who aspire to be junior high school and high school teachers (or in some cases, elementary school teachers) or sports facility instructors (such as certified Japan Sports Association (JASA) sports instructors), or researchers in physical education and sports science or health science (postgraduate programs), the department offers an educational program that makes use of the characteristics of an all-round university and sends out into society human resources with the practical skills and leadership needed in the real world.

2.Admission Policy

Based on the admission policy of the College of Humanities and Sciences, the Department of Physical Education admits students who aspire to acquire expertise in physical education, sports and health, be energetic experts with a rich sense of humanity based on wide experience of physical exercise, and contribute to society.