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Department of History

Department of History
The Department of History aims to develop human resources who are equipped with knowledge of the historical past and contribute to forging an affluent modern society.
A thorough understanding of the chain of events stretching from the past to the present is invaluable when considering the contemporary issues. Beyond picking up general knowledge of historical events, students learn history as a discipline as well as the research methods in a proper learning environment based on a seminar system. By cultivating a flexible stance of looking back toward the past and ahead to the future, the Department strives to develop skilled people who are well prepared to contribute to making our society a prosperous one.

1. Education and Research

Educational Principles

The ability to grasp an accurate historical picture enables us to gain a better understanding of the root of the various issues today. In order to cultivate human resources who have a well-informed historical perspective and aspire to the future, we provide our students with a rich learning environment in which they can study history and develop the necessary research skills for their chosen field through seminar-based classes.

Educational Goals

It is often said that history is a mirror that reflects both the present and the future. History as a discipline is not merely accumulating general knowledge or information about historical events, but cultivating the ability to “consider history”. The history course is divided into five fields, Japanese history, Asian history, Western history, Archaeology, and Cultural Heritage. Students select one of these fields, and study for their graduate theses. It is essential that students develop a solid historical viewpoint and become equipped with the proper knowledge and skills of scholarly research.

2.Admission Policy

Based on the admission policy of the College of Humanities and Sciences, the Department of History admits students who aim to acquire knowledge of historical topics and the proper research methods for historical study, and contribute to making our modern society richer by considering the events of the past in light of history.