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Department of Geography

Department of Geography
Geography is the comprehensive study of the relationship between nature and humans. The findings of geographic studies are utilized in fields such as environmental conservation, industrial location planning, regional policies and education.
Geography comprehensively explores and considers the factors and processes underlying the present shape of a certain “area” from the perspective of the “relationship between human and nature.” An area consists of various elements such as topography, vegetation, climate, history, culture, economy and society interacting with each other. Geography aims to study these elements in detail, consider the relationship between the various elements, and find their properties in an integral and comprehensive manner. The Department of Geography cultivates human resources capable of exploiting the expertise they have acquired in diagnosing and viewing “areas,” skills in collecting and analyzing area information, and the ability to solve problems, in various situations in modern society.

1.Education and Research

The Department of Geography aims to nurture motivated, active human resources capable of solving various problems in modern society based on their own studies and analyses, by absorbing broad knowledge from lectures in various subfields of geography, and acquiring the capability to apply such knowledge through exercises, practice and experiments.

As well as organizing and presenting information on various phenomena by collecting and analyzing data from a comprehensive viewpoint across every field of human, social and natural sciences and studying it taking into account the area-specific conditions, geography enables the recommendation of measures aimed at solving problems. Geographers, therefore, can play a leading role in tackling today’s problems relating to the environment and society that are caused by multiple factors and are advancing on a global scale. The Department of Geography has set the following educational goals to cultivate persons who fully understand the nature of geography and actively work towards their realization.

  1. To cultivate the ability to study independently by imparting knowledge in various fields ranging from natural sciences to humanities and arousing intellectual curiosity.
  2. To cultivate the practical skills to use geographical information, such as maps and statistics, and GIS, to conduct field studies for data collection, observations, experiments, and interviews, and to comprehensively analyze the conditions in the area and solve the problems.
  3. To cultivate human resources who will utilize their knowledge and practical skills to play a leading role in various fields, such as environmental conservation planning and disaster prevention, industrial location planning and regional policies, think tanks, tourism industry, and junior and senior high school education.

2.Admission Policy

Based on the admission policy of the College of Humanities and Sciences, the Department of Geography admits students who aspire to learn experimental techniques, field survey methods, and GIS in the fields of physical, human and social geography, and contribute to the solution of regional issues in Japan and around the world and to the sustained development of local communities.