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Department of Education

Department of Education
The Department of Education approaches the study of philosophy, history, sociology and psychology from the perspective of “education” and explores various research fields.
Pedagogy approaches philosophy, history, sociology and psychology and other disciplines from the perspective of “education,” and explores various fields of study ranging from public administration, systems, schools, teachers, preschool education and lifelong learning to libraries, comparative education and media education. Whether your aim is to become a teacher or to work in the social education sector, you are sure to find what you want to study in the Department of Education.

1.Education and Research

In the area of education, the department cultivates human resources capable of playing a leading role in a diversity of fields, including teaching, through principled and integrated study. In the area of research, the department has many faculty members with wide vision and problem awareness related to education, who pass on the results of their cutting-edge research activities in various fields to their students.

“Education” plays an important role in humans’ ability to lead cultural lives and form societies. Due to its very importance, education is both difficult and interesting. Pedagogy approaches the study of philosophy, history, sociology and psychology from the perspective of “education” and explores various fields of research including public administration, schools, preschool education, lifelong learning and media education. The diverse curriculum taught by the versatile Department of Education faculty contributes greatly to students’ development.

In the Department of Education, students can choose the subjects they want to study from the diverse curriculum according to their individual needs. For students who want to be teachers, the strength of the department is that it allows students to acquire a teaching certificate in multiple subjects such as geography and history, Japanese, English, health and physical education, and mathematics, by taking classes from different departments in addition to classes in social studies and civics. Moreover, students can acquire qualifications in different courses, such as the Social Education Director Course. Many students, naturally, want to work in private companies or the public sector, and the department achieves a significant placement rate every year. The faculty dedicates every effort to supporting students’ development.

2.Admission Policy

Based on the admission policy of the College of Humanities and Sciences, the Department of Education admits highly motivated students who aspire to study pedagogy in a principled and integrated manner under a diverse curriculum and to maximize their knowledge in a diverse range of fields including teaching.