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Department of German Literature

Department of German Literature
The Department of German Literature was established in 1959 and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2009. The department is able to provide students with a solid foundation in the German language, and offers a diverse curriculum in German literature, linguistics and culture, while developing graduates whose broad outlook and deep insights make them highly employable in a wide range of careers.
The three main pillars of the curriculum are literature, linguistics and cultural studies, ensuring a solid knowledge of the German-speaking countries. From the outset, the practical language training includes courses taught by native German speakers and study abroad programs. Third and fourth year students can pursue their own research interests in more detail in small seminar groups, while honing their oral communication skills through group works and presentations. In addition, students earn credits based on the results they achieve in the German language proficiency exam Diplom Deutsch in Japan.

1.Education and Research

Since its establishment, the department has actively applied to its curriculum the fruits of research and educational experience it has accumulated, and is able to provide expert tuition in the literature, linguistics and cultural studies of the German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). Through interdisciplinary study and expert knowledge with a diverse scope, students can achieve their full potential. This learning environment allows them to develop their faculty for self-learning and train their skills of perception. Students acquire the currency required in a global society, a deep understanding of their own country, and an awareness of cultural diversity. Students are instructed by native speakers of German, actively encouraged to take the Diplom Deutsch in Japan and to participate in study abroad programs, achieving a strong command of the German language. Graduates of the German Language and Literature Department are highly employable in a wide range of careers; they are globally minded, culturally sensitive and highly knowledgeable.

The first year of the course is designed to develop students’ language skills ab initio and to introduce the literature, linguistic and cultural components (Introductory courses). In the second year, students consolidate and improve the skills they learned during the first year in order to be able to conduct research in their the specialized subject (practical classes and lectures). During the third and fourth years, students achieve a high competency in German, while strengthening their knowledge in specialized subjects (practical classes, lectures and seminar courses). In the fourth year of the German course, students are required to choose and research their assignment topic in order to complete their graduation requirements. The assignment allows them to enhance their skills in researching and academic writing, producing a work which represents the wealth of knowledge they have acquired during their studies (Graduation thesis or graduation research).

2.Admission Policy

Based on the Admission Policy of the College of Humanities and Sciences, the Department of German Literature admits students who have an active interest in the literature, language and culture of the German speaking countries, and who aspire to achieve a high-level command in the German language while studying in depth various aspects of the culture of these countries.